There is need for assistance! Although we have been able to built great teams in the past participating in all relevant junior competitions there is still a lot of work to be done to establish a real football club with a solid foundation and a good infrastructure. Our most dire need is a new pitch. The current pitch is too uneven, contains a lot of holes and is filled with rocks, which does not allow us to enjoy high level football and the risk of injuries for our players is too big. To be able to start up more projects and step up our football level, we invite you to support our activities.

And we have made it easy! Please click here to go to our GoFundMe page or click here to go to our WhyDonate page.

Action Boys FC is part of the CO Foundation, which is officially registered in the Netherlands as a non-governmental organisation. Therefore in most countries donations to CO Foundation are tax-deductable.

Name accountholder: CO Foundation
IBAN: NL31ABNA0562745599


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