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Welcome to the Europe Office of Kitase Action Boys FC. If you are interested in any of our players for trials or transfers please use the details above to contact Volta Sports in the UK. They will also be able to provide you with video profiles and any other relevant information about our players or our club.

Kitase is a small village north of Accra, Ghana. Most families are poverty-stricken and for the local youth there is very little to do.

The CO Foundation (www.co-foundation.org) has committed itself to the local football club Kitase Action Boys FC in order to try and give the young people in Kitase better chances in life. Mr. Bart van der Grinten (Dutch), chairman of the CO Foundation is currently also chairman of the Action Boys.

The CO Foundation not only supports the football activities but also pays school fees, organises homework assistance and arranges food for the poorest people. In collaboration with Medicas Hospital (http://www.medicasgh.com) a health insurance system is being developed, not only for the Action Boys football players but also their immediate family. A lot of attention is being paid to develop common norms and values and a positive attitude in life so these boys can grow up to be responsible young people.

At the same time we keep looking for there might be a hidden football star among them who can take the whole village in tow with his career. Our +18 team recently graduated to the 2nd division, the third highest level in Ghana. Three young players have been selected for the Ghana National U17 team and  others recently completed a three months internship at the Dutch Premier League Club VVV-Venlo (www.vvv-venlo.com).

To further the development of the careers of our players we are looking for football clubs, anywhere in the world, where our younger players can follow internships (U17) and our +18 players can play trials to ultimately earn a contract once proven their skills and potentials in a few test matches. Our players travel at their own expense with passport and valid visa. If possible we would enjoy assistance in board and lodging. They can’t wait to show you their exceptional football qualities and their never-ending spirit.

Please contact our European Office for further information.