Relationship with VVV-Venlo

The relationship between VVV-Venlo and Kitase Action Boys FC is heartwarming. First of all VVV-player Johnatan Opuku is ambassador of the Action Boys supporting their efforts in collecting used football shoes from players and clubs in the region. Not less important is the opportunity the newly promoted Premier League (Eredivisie) club is offering three junior…


Agyiri Ferdinand – Age: 15 – Position: Central Defending Midfielder – Agyiri is a player with incredible pace, offensive and defensive he knows his role very well. When he was younger he fell off a truck, which resulted in a fractured jaw that grew back together in a way that he was not able to…


Mohammed ‘Pinto’ Nuhu – Age:14 – Position: Goalkeeper – Pinto got in touch with Action Boys when Bart van der Grinten was assigned as tactical director of the eastern region team. Several of our players together with Pinto won match after match in the tournament. After that Pinto joined Action Boys and has been one…


Robert Ntiamoah. –

Age: 14 –

Position: Central Attacking Midfielder –

Robert is a strong player that excels at shooting especially, born and raised in Kitase. He has been playing for Action Boys all his life and grew up learning from the big players. –